Blocking sites with the SonicWall TZ-205 Content Filtering Service (CFS)

January 10, 2014 at 2:07 PMMadestro


I recently installed a SonicWall TZ-205 on a customer site without a CGSS subscription.

The customer wanted to block some websites. I went to Security Services > CFS and set up a custom list of websites. This functionality still works, even without a subscription.

When I went to apply the policy to the zones however, I got stuck because the combo box used to display the policies was empty. From every tutorial out there, I was expecting to see a "default policy" entry. 

Testing the unit by just checking the "Enable Content Filtering" box didn't work. I could still see the offending site.

It turns out the appliance is smart enough to know NOT to block ME while I am logged in as admin. After I logged out, I tried hitting one of the offending sites and behold!... it worked.

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Intellisense not working on views after migrating MVC application to Visual Studio 2013

January 8, 2014 at 11:28 AMMadestro


I recently migrated one of our MVC applications to Visual Studio 2013.

After the migration, Intellisense broke. It would not work for any view I opened. It wouldn't even recognize the @model directive.

Since part of the plan was to upgrade to the latest version of MVC (5 at the time of this writing), I decided to add the NuGet package and its dependencies. This didn't solve the problem either.

Eventually, I ended up creating a new test MVC project with Visual Studio 2013. I then took the pertinent sections from the web.config file under the Views folder and copied them over to my migrated project. I then closed and relaunched VS2012 and the solution.

That got Intellisense working again.

Keep in mind that if you do this, you will introduce some new dependencies, since the latest template uses the System.Web.Optimization namespace. I didn't try removing this namespace from the web.config but if you don't want the dependencies, you might be able to get away with removing it from the web.config.

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Removing SVN from a Visual Studio 2012/2013 Solution

January 7, 2014 at 3:59 PMMadestro


I recently ran into a situation while trying to migrate a project from SVN to TFS.

I used the Export command of Tortoise SVN to produce the output I would migrate. This effectively produces a "clean" copy of the code (no SVN folders).

When I tried to add the code to TFS via Visual Studio, I noticed the solution kept loading with SVN bindings (I use the ANKHSVN plugin). If I tried to switch the plugin, it would ask me to close the solution.

I went poking around in the Solution (.sln) file and found the following entry:


GlobalSection(SubversionScc) = preSolution

Svn-Managed = True

Manager = AnkhSVN - Subversion Support for Visual Studio



Removing this "GlobalSection" did the trick for me. After launching the solution again, I was able to add it to TFS.

I hope this helps anyone with the same issue out there.

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